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How many times have you been on a trail and found yourself getting off the bike to get over, down or around an obstacle. It doesn't matter if you're in to trials or not, in any type of riding, you'll want the skills and balance that a little trials riding brings. Speed and momentum will generally get you over most obstacles, but being able to do it without those two is key.

Start by rising off your seat and tightening down on both your front and rear brakes. Now try to keep the bike underneath you by making small hops. Your first mistake will be treating the bike like a pogo-stick and tiring quickly. Try to make a small bounces with the wheels coming barely off the ground. The less the better, just keep balanced.

Climbing is just a matter of throwing your body up and pulling the bike with you. Unless you are really good, don't expect to bring up both tires. Just work on one wheel at time. When your front wheel is up, you'll notice that your feet are not level on top of your pedals. Simply let off your rear brake and make small hops while leveling out your feet. The rear wheel will move along with your cranks. Once this is done, throw your weight forward again, twist on your handlebars and pull up the rear of your bike behind you. You may need to release your front brake which will help you move forward and give room for the rear of your bike to come up.

It helps to practice hopping and balancing on flat ground first. When you are ready to start climbing, practice with curbs, then something bigger. Your next technical section on the trail will seem a lot easier next time.

For some great help on Trials riding, check out TrashZen.

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