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Downhill Domination 5/5
+++Now only $10+++

With Incog's release of Downhill Domination for the Playstation 2, we finally have mountain bike game representation. Call me biased as a mountain biker, but this is a great game!

The courses include wide open Freeride environments, shorter Mountain Cross, Slalom tracks brought back to life, and Technical Downhill. The pace is fast and very realistic. The 50+ foot gaps and drops only add to the fun and make me feel a little like Joshua Bender (who appears in the opening video).

At first I was looking at generic Rider options and either a Trek or Specialized bike. After a few wins, I was unlocking a list of riders including Brian Lopes, Eric Carter, Missy Glove, Richie Schley, and Tara Llanes. Bike manufacturers included Ellsworth, Intense, Specialized, Trek, Giant and others. This became a REAL mountain bike game!

Mountain Bike Madness 4/5

This mountain biking game is pretty darn good for a shockwave game. It's a 3-D environment and better than just about everything else on this list. What's annoying is the inability to maneuver very easily, so you have to anticipate objects (rocks, trees, logs) WELL in advance -- and there's a ton of them (too many, really). That's about the only negative for this free web-based bike game.

Stunt Bike Island 4/5

The game is pretty fun once you figure it out (take a little while to get the hang of it). The developer has kept the game on an island to keep the size of the levels small (I'd assume). The graphics are decent for a free downloadable game, but it's something I'd expect on a handheld. It's $9.95 for the full version, which I think is steep. Maybe $5, but c'mon, you can probably pick up Downhill Domination on Amazon for $10 and it's 100 times better than this mountain bike game. I still give it a 4 out of 5 because it has a free version and is better than most of the other games on this list.

No Fear's
Downhill Mountain Biking

The first attempt at making a real Mountain Biking game. It is much better than the free ones below, but since you have to pay for it, I only gave it a 2.

Newton Biking 3/5
(play free online)

Apparently, Nabisco needed a big product launch for their new Fig Newton bars. This is a downhill racing game from a third person perspective. It's done with shockwave and has some nice sound effects. Jumping is pretty cool when you get past the first checkpoint.

Trolli Extreme Stunt Bike 3/5
(play free online)

Hard to figure out at first as it requires mouse movements, but then it get's pretty cool.

Street Rider 3.5/5
(play free online)

Score as many points as you can. You earn points by bunnyhopping over obstacles. Small Ramps jump you 1 space, while big ramps jump you 3 spaces.

X-Up 3/5
(play free online)
The "ultimate dirt bike jumping experience". Everything from "No-Handers" to "Superman Seat Grabs". 19 tricks in all.

Police Bike (2/5)
(play free online)

Ok, ok, it's not a bike; it's a motorcycle and you are a cop. But pretend it's a bike. And hit everyone with your billyclub or baton or whatever.

Punish the Poser (2.5/5)
(play free online)

Throw rocks at a poser biker and try to knock him off. It's hard not to keep playing when he taunts you for losing.

Dirt Racer (2/5)
(play free online)

View from above. Avoid obstacles like logs, water, and other stuff I can't seem to make out. Get to the finish in time and go to the next level.

Tour de Applet (2/5)
(play free online)

Like the Tour de France, you are on a road bike. Try to get to the end in the quickest and record your score. Avoid rocks, holes, cars and other racers who will try to bump you. Better graphics and game play than "Dirt Racer" above, but similar in feel.