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Landing a Drop

Depending on the speed you are doing when approaching the drop will want to pull up on your handlebars either a little or a lot. If you are going slow, you'll need to pull up hard, give a stiff pedal and lean back, cause it'll take a second for your rear wheel to go over the edge while your front tire is floating. If going fast, a slight pull is all it takes, and simply extending your legs will cause the rear end to drop.

When landing, on a flat surface like in the picture at right, you'll want to have your rear tire hit first followed quickly by your front. USE YOUR LEGS to absorb most of the shock and you will save your bike, shocks, rims and tubes. When landing on a downhill you want to keep your bike angled down, but still landing rear tire first, VERY QUICKLY followed by front. Leaning too far forward or two far back on a downhill landing, can equal the same bad result: going over your handlebars.

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