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Santa Cruz Bullit - 11/16/00 by bevan erickson

santa cruz bullit - mountain bikeLuck, or fate, my Specialized FSR Big Hit frame cracked and my warranty was voided. With out going in to dirty details, let's just say that you should always follow seat post adjustment guidelines before jumping off stuff.

Anyway, after NO HELP from specialized as they were "SOLD OUT" of all backup and replacement FSR Big Hit frames and comparable options, I ventured into the realm of single pivot rear suspension. I willing to consider it as long as it was active, and after seeing a few Bullits in Kranked III, I considered worthy of a serious looksie.

Needless to say, it now is my main riding machine. And man is it nice. "It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend getting one." ~Ferris Bueller.

First thing I noticed was SOLID. I took a 3 foot drop outside the Bike Peddler in American Fork, Utah after running a flight of stairs and other than a little chain slap, no noise! It felt goooooood. It felt a lot different than the multi-pivot design that Specialized raves about.

I initially commented that it did not feel as plush as the Specialized, but I had a hard time complaining after I made some adjustments on the Fox Vanilla RC and found the "comfort zone". With both rebound and compression adjustment capability via two easily accessible dials, a steep climb can be bareable and a gnarly downhill "owned"!

I had a lot of tightening to do with the bushings on the multipivot FSR, especially after Urban Trials and pavement drops, but the Santa Cruz hasn't complained at all. Not even a wimper. If anything, it laughs at my pathetic and tentative 5 foot drops and says "Gimme a Break" wake me when we get to the real stuff.

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