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New World Disorder - Bevan Erickson

coverI really liked this flick. It had variety of different riding including: Freeriding, Trials, Mountain Boarding, 4 wheel mountain bikes, and a phycho unicyclist. I always think these videos are a little too short, but that's just me. Favorite part was the manual/wheelie at 70 mph. I know, most of you that see the film will talk about the HUGE drop that Bender does. They've featured it in the photo annual of Bike Magazine. It is BIG (50+ feet?) and it looks like it hurt. Bender has guts, but combine guts with skills and you have the Kona brothers doing front wheelies at +60 down a road.

As usual, you will see a token inclusion of NorthShore riding as well as a lot of footage from British Columbia (specifically Whistler). Not as many locations as a Kranked video though.

Overall I give this film an 8.0.

Suggestion to film makers: Can we have a soundtrack that isn't completely deafening to the ears. I mean I like that music sometimes, but cmon . . .it get's soooo old when EVERY bike, ski, motorcycle, skateboard and snowboard film has that hard thrasher music. I wish I could remember the ski film that was done with this sweet mellow music. Some of it was old (70's) and some was new age but sounded great.