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Motorcycle Bike Racks

Leave it to an Oregonian to come up with a solution for the avid motorcyclists that want to go biking. Mark Schuette of Bend Oregon has developed a product that solves the problem.

Cycle-by-Cycle Carriers are complete sport rack systems that take advantage of the motorcycles footpegs and an existing luggage rack or grab bar. The track is generally meant to stay mounted permanently, but it can be removed and reattached quickly.

Mark's newest product, the Big Rack (shown), can be fitted to ANY motorcycle as it does not require an existing grab bar or luggage rack. Made entirely of aluminum, the Big Rack comes with a quick release attachment for even quicker removal and installation.

So far Mark has tested his motorcycle racks successfully with bikes, golf clubs, kayaks and just about anything else you could think of.

Until Mark gets his product in your local bike or motorcycle shop, you can contact him at:

Cycle-by-Cycle Carriers

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