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MRP - LRP (Long Range Patrol)

MRP (Mountain Speed) has released a Chain Retention device aimed at the downhill biker that doesn't want to sacrifice his granny gear. This means you can now ride your bike up the hills you plan on going down with out having to endure the chain dropping or slapping that usually accompany a bike without a chain guide system.

The LRP (Long Range Patrol) will consist of essentially an anodized aluminum bash guard and an aluminum arm with roller that attaches to your bottom bracket. The roller will apparently float to allow your chain to move between the middle and granny chain rings. After calling MRP I learned that they do not sell the arm seperately for those that already use a bash guard or rock ring in place of their large chain ring. Supposedly, you have to use their bash guard for the system to work because of some "beveling"???

As always, the prices are steep, so be prepared to drop about $150 (US) for the setup.

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