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Dream Bike - by bevan erickson

I woke up late for work and had but 10 minutes to get dressed, drink some breakfast and head out the door. I scanned the garage and found what I thought would help me make up the most time, my Litespeed Blade. I immediately started making up time, but thought I should take a short cut to make sure.

The route took me between two houses and across an open field. The ground was packed dirt but kind of loose on top with occasional bumps and ruts. Luckily, I was riding my Cannondale Jekyll 4000SL. The field had a steep climb at the end, but I new I was on the right bike. At the top of the hill I could see the whole town and specifically my work, not far from where I was. I just might make it! I shifted quickly with my Half Pipe shifter from SRAM and immediately started picking up speed as I made a "B-line" for my office.

The trail became a quick section of doubles that looked intimidating. My P3 handled them with ease, I thought, as I came out of the last transition. I was making good time and was starting to feel a little relieved when . . . aaaaaahhhhhhhhh! . . . The ground fell away beneath me. I was looking at the ground 40 feet below and coming at me FAST! If it wasn't for the fact that between me and the ground was 9" of Santa Cruz travel, I might have puked the little breakfast I was able to drink down that morning. The Super 8 soaked up every bit of the rest of the trail leading out onto the road leading to my work.

I did a few flatland tricks on my GT 3.0 as I cruised through the parking lot of my work. Ended with a straight manual to the curb of my building, hopped up, and proceeded to climb the stairs on my Brisa B20. I quickly foldied up my Brompton Bike and strolled through the doors of my "cush" job at Bike Magazine.